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Let S.W.A.T. TEAM help you infiltrate the music industry!

We offer the BEST, most inexpensive promotional services & resources that all Urban unsigned/indie artists need to be successful in attracting major commercial attention.  We strive to lead indie artists in the right direction, taking your project from indie to major and getting the BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!! 

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S.W.A.T. TEAM PROMO is a division of Tomic Bomb Inc. strategically engaged in maximizing the exposure and promotion of unsigned/indie artists.  We are your full-service coordinators and arrangers of what we call digital assains & internet explosions.  Consider our promotional tactics as our ammunition, and unsigned artists as our Arsenal of talent. 

Matter fact... Think of us as your promotional Army!  THE S.W.A.T. TEAM

In addition, our liason service was created to further assist in the promotional/marketing growth of independent talent.  S.W.A.T. Team Promo has worked hard to provide unsigned/indie artists with a list of the BEST, QUALITY, AFFORDABLE resources to maximize on exposure.  As unsigned/indie artists ourselves, we understand the many different roles in life that artists must play in order to sustain a successful career.  It is important to create a promotional campaign that you can brag about withOUT having to spend outrageous prices on inefficient promotional packages. 

Our goal is to work with unsigned/indie artists in a colaborative effort to bring you the best possible services and deals.  In doing so, we've combined these services into many packages to be able to offer you the best service available at a real low rate!   S.W.A.T. TEAM PROMO is a dedicated to assisting indie/unsigned artists in detonating on the scene & BLOWING UP LIKE KABOOM!!  Let 2008 be an explosive year for you!